How to create a Content plan strategy for Beginners : Ultimate Guide in 2022

As the famous adage goes, failing to plan is a plan to fail. Developing a content plan strategy increases the chances of building your audience through blogging by 133%

When I started blogging, I experienced a tough time writing blog posts. In this article i show you how to plan your content and deploy a strategy that will make your successful in content creation.

What is a content plan?

A content plan is a structure and outline that will guide you as a content creator to manage your marketing assets and assist you in achieving your content strategy. A well implemented content plan will guide you in publishing content for your audience and the world thus getting traffic by giving value. A content plan should include content topics , content outline , publishing dates (content calendar ) and social media channels to publish.

What is content strategy?

A content strategy is a plan/process that a content creator uses to get more traffic from search engines and convert users to customers. A good content strategy will lead to a successful sales funnel which is very critical for the success of your business. Attracting a loyal audience will ensure that they are ‘hooked’ to your content from discovery to purchase of products and even after!

Why you need a content plan strategy

A happy and loyal audience will be your customers and your marketers to new customers and markets, Amazing fact, Customer referrals is the number 1 method of marketing your business and get you even more discovered. A content Plan strategy will help you get , retain and get marketed by an audience. however, if your content plan strategy is poorly implemented, it will have dangerous effects on your traffic and more importantly your revenue.

What you need to develop a content plan strategy

One of the best and free tools to design a content plan strategy is MS Excel which does not require strong computing skills just a little time. The following is a content plan strategy that as been developed by MS Excel:

What you need to develop a content plan strategy
  • Content Type-The type of content that you intend to share with your audience across the various platforms you have
  • Content Title- Enter your Search Engine Optimized title to enable users to click on your articles and get a high CTR
  • Content Status- This is the status of your content based on the idea to the publication of it.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis-Related top searched for keywords on google, Quora, YouTube etc
  • Content Date- Date published
  • Content Category-Categories based on the content you publish online.

How a well-implemented content plan strategy will impact your brand/company

A good content plan strategy will have a huge ripple effect across your brand that will improve your traffic and revenue. It is highly advised by experienced professionals in the industry to have a content plan strategy as this will help your brand and revenue grow faster and larger.

content plan strategy

A content plan calendar will help you achieve your goals and thus earn more revenue

How to implement a content plan strategy for your company/brand/online business

There are a lot of ways to implement a content plan strategy but the most successful way is only one, Wat you need to become a successful content creator is consistency, patience and discipline. Once you have mastered these core values then however you choose to implement your content plan strategy it will be successful.

Essentially, one can use a CMS Platform like WordPress whereby a user can plan ,manage and track their blog posts. WordPress is the best platform for bloggers who are starting out. The WordPress blog post right window pane will help you implement your content plan strategy as shown below:

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For YouTubers, they can use YouTube studio to manage, schedule and post videos. It is a really essential tool for the success of your YouTube channel therefore creators should maximize its usage.


As you have read in the above article, a content plan strategy is very critical for the success of your business. Therefore, it is important for any online business to have a solid content plan strategy to gain new customers and seek new markets. If you have any issues or enquires you can let me know on the comment section, Don’t forget to share if this article helped you

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